Bikeman Demands N100Million As Damages From Ondo Government After Amotekun Shot Him in The Leg

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A man, identified as Oluwasegun Olayinka Oluwarotimi, has narrated how operatives of the Ondo State Security Network Agency (AMOTEKUN) abandoned him at the Federal Medical Centre in Owo after one of them shot him in the leg.

The incident which occurred in the Araromi area of Akure, the Ondo State capital.

This was stated in a letter of complaint written by the victim’s lawyer, Tope Temokun Esq, to the security operatives.

Oluwasegun was said to be a commercial motorcyclist and was working when operatives of Amotekun Corps made his life miserable on August 9, 2021.

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One of the documents prepared by Temokun, obtained by SOJ WORLDWIDE on Friday, 28th October, 2022 reads in part:

“He was a commercial motorcyclist (a.k.a Okadaman) and around 8am to 9am on the 9th day of August 2021.

“In the course of his business, he brought a passenger to Araromi, Akure and while he was making efforts to look for smaller naira denominations to give to the passenger who paid him with a 500 naira note, an Amotekun Corps pickup van drove in, swerved towards where he parked his motorcycle by the roadside and some uniformed Amotekun officers disembarked from the vehicle and started firing gunshots in the air which caused fears amongst those around and caused people to start running.”

“Oluwasegun did not flee because he assumed the officers were carrying out their lawful duties, and especially because he had done nothing incriminating that would warrant him to flee at the sight of Amotekun officers. This made one of the Amotekun officers threaten him.

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“One of the officers that alighted from the van accosted him and sharply and menacingly threatened him with a gun, with orders to him as follows:

‘Bend down or else I’ll shoot your leg!’ Before our client could make sense of the whole scene and before he could complete his sentence for compassionate plea to the officer, the officer had opened fire of gunshot on his left leg.

“He instantly began to groan in excruciating pain and on discovering the dastardly act, the officers jointly dragged him into the back of their van and took him to Amotekun office at Alagbaka, Akure, where they merely gave him a first aid treatment after dumping him for hours on a toilet soak away, without any attempt to contact his relatives and inform them of his whereabouts or condition.”

“It was after this first-aid treatment given him at the Amotekun office that the Amotekun officers carried him in their van to the Federal Medical Centre Owo on that same 9th day of August, 2022 for further treatment,” the document added.

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“The following day, he was informed that the medical workers at FMC, Owo had gone on strike, leaving no one to care for our client’s torn flesh, torn muscles, and broken bones, and unfortunately, the Amotekun officers who brought him to the hospital never returned after August 9th, 2021 to follow up on Oluwasegun’s situation.”

It was gathered that some good Samaritans urged Olusegun’s family to contact the Amotekun office in Alagbaka after they had spent days looking for him and posting images of him at police stations and other locations. Five days later, they learned that Olusegun had been shot and taken to the FMC, Owo.

When they got to the hospital, they discovered that the leg that was shot had begun to rot after five days of being ignored.

The doctors’ strike was still going on at the time so his mother had no choice but to withdraw her son from the hospital and take him to the Police Clinic in Alagbaka in such a foul state, with his deteriorating limb.

And before he could be admitted into the hospital, she was required to deposit the sum of N550,000.


“She left the Police Clinic in hopelessness and took him subsequently to another private hospital where the doctors informed them that the only option was to amputate the leg, to save his life,” the document disclosed further.

“The leg was eventually amputated, and ever since our client now limps on one leg, as the leg was indeed amputated as a result of the gunshot fired on the 9th day of August 2021.”

It was learnt that Oluwasegun has two children in primary school and the incident has rendered him incapable of providing for his family’s needs.

Since he has stopped working, he also cannot foot his medical bills. Hence, he filed a suit at the High Court to compel Ondo State Government, Ondo State Attorney-General and Amotekun security outfit to jointly pay him the sum of N100 million (One Hundred Million Naira) to cover both the general and special damages he suffered because of the incident.

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“AN ORDER directing the Respondents, jointly and severally, to pay to the Applicant, the sum of FIFTY MILLION NAIRA (N 50,000,000.00K), as general damages for the violation of the Applicant’s right to personal dignity as aforementioned.

“AN ORDER directing the Respondents, jointly and severally, to pay, to the Applicant, the sum of FIFTY MILLION NAIRA (N 50,000,000.00K), as exemplary damages for the violation of the Applicant’s right to personal dignity, for the loss of his leg, for his permanent disability, for his emotional distress and for his perpetual mental agony and torture.”

While responding to this allegation, Mr Omolafe Temidayo Anthony, the Head of Op. & Intel, Ondo State Security Network Agency, otherwise known as Amotekun Corps, alleged that Oluwasegun was arrested for kidnapping, armed robbery and car-jacking offences.

Mr Omolafe said this in a letter addressed to Olwasegun’s lawyer, stating that he was to be arraigned immediately in court for aiding the escape of the main suspects and impeding the course of justice, in addition to being a key member of the gang.


He said the security operatives were unable to proceed due to the injury he suffered while attempting to seize a firearm during the process.


“Your client was apprehended by a team of Amotekun Corps Officers having been on the trail of syndicate that specialised in kidnapping, armed robbery and car snatching, on or about the 9th day of August, 2021, at Araromi area of Akure.

“He was to be charged to court immediately for aiding the escape of the principal suspects and for obstructing the course of Justice in addition to being a major member of the gang. However, we could not proceed because of the injury he sustained while attempting to snatch a weapon from the arresting team leader.

“In a bid to ensure his safety, he was initially attended to by our team of medical experts but was later transferred to the Federal Medical Centre, Owo.

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It was when we insisted that he must face prosecution that members of his family and other persons made appeals for his unconditional bail on the argument that he had gone through enough penance and that he had learnt his lessons.

As a responsive security organization, the matter was subsequently reviewed whereupon it was decided that he should be let off.

“However, we wish to inform you that your client has employed services of many law firms within and outside Ondo State, including Ondo State Office of the Public Defender, on the same matter, but the available facts have dissuaded all the law firms and human rights organizations from acting further on the matter.

“Given the above facts, it is therefore inconceivable, opportunistic and a flagrant breach of the conditions for his release, for him to have the audacity to petition the Corps for “settlement”, which in our estimation, is tantamount to cheap blackmail.”


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