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Our Political System: Do you want to know the truth about ‘EKITI 2018’?


POLITICAL SYSTEM: Both APC and PDP rigged the gubernatorial elections in EKITI State.
The truth of the matter is that this generation is planting bitter seeds for the coming generations to harvest.

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It pissed me off when PDP of all political parties in Nigeria is telling the world that APC rigged the gubernatorial elections in EKITI.
It was like they did not have a mirror to look at their antecedents of brutalities in 2014 in EKITI and OSUN states. They need to cover their faces in shame.

It is an insult to the sensibilities of Nigerians for a sitting governor to go to the radio station to declare a candidate winner of an election and no one condemned it.
If it were to be in military regime, Fayose will be charged for committing Treasonable Felony, if found guilty the penalty be will firing squad. But in a democratic system, if he is put on trial as I expected, if found guilty he will be liable to go to jail ranging from 10 years and above.

Having said this, APC that one should have looked up to for a succour joined the bandwagon of money politics and rigging in the highest order unexpected of a party whose slogan before coming to power was CHANGE.

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The hope of getting competent and capable leaders through elections have been thrown to the wind.
We are in a situation where, you may have the brain but without money you cannot get there. You just have to rig your way to the top by crooked means. How do we get good governance this way?

What is the essence of dragging 30,000 policemen to EKITI if politicians will eventually bribe the voters in the presence of the police and still have their way. Sad for Nigeria indeed!

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In the history of Nigeria, I have never known of anyone who rigged election, arrested, taken to court and jailed. To us in Nigeria, it is one of those things. How do we confront and fight corruption if our leaders rigged their ways to the top?

Winning elections in Nigeria now depends on how rich you are NOT how competent or capable you are any longer.

The leadership had impoverished the people with poverty that it takes voters with principles to reject any inducement before casting their votes for a candidate of their choice.

We have the dirtiest style of politics here and there is no hope of addressing this canker-worm in our political system.

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I assume PMB would correct this canker-worms in our polity, but instead, things are getting worse.
Is it not a waste of time for any sensible persons to come out for election in Nigeria again since moneybags have taken over?

We have got to a stage where anyone going for any elective position should be screened mentally to confirm state of his or her mental balance before facing the electorates. The past of any aspirants should be screened down to primary school levels in order to detach thugs from rising to the top.

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This comments still goes to the table of President Buhari to right the wrongs in our political system because we just cannot continue this way.

This is not the Nigeria of our dreams.

– Adesoji OMOSEBI

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