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Heartbroken mother narrates how she losts her daughter to kidnappers who demanded for N800m in Kaduna

The Mother narrated that her daughter was kidnapped along with others while she was in school. While she was at home, she got a call from her daughter’s kidnappers who demanded for a sum of N800 million naira before they could release her.

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The family couldn’t afford such an amount of money and the State Government has also refused to negotiate or pay any money to kidnappers, because they believe paying money to kidnappers will make the kidnappers keep demanding more money after kidnapping students from schools.

The woman said immediately they told her the amount they want from them, she shouted and said she can’t provide such an amount of money. The next day, she received a message to come to check the corpse of students dumped at the school premises to know whether she knows any of them.

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When she and her husband arrived at the scene, they saw the corpse of Dorathy, their daughter lying lifeless there. She wept bitterly while seeing her daughter’s corpse lying there.

They had to take her away from there. The  husband said the act of government not paying ransoms to kidnappers won’t solve the problems of kidnappings in Kaduna state.

If they can’t pay them, then they should find a way to catch those kidnappers. Some parents who could afford the money the kidnappers demanded were lucky, their children were released immediately after paying them the money.

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