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EKITI 2018: Celebrate the victory and NOT the margin

Even as I congratulate Dr. Kayode Fayemi as the good people of Ekiti came out en masse to vote and place their batons of trust and responsibility in his hands which will serve as an authority for him to paddle the state affairs for the next four years.
I am not comfortable with the difference between the sensible and un-liberated minds that voted for PDP in Ekiti state. Though, It is always appropriate to make mistakes and correct such at any given chance, which is a rare opportunity.
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The people of Ekiti state made a resolution to save their future, to fall in line, join the progressives and gripping the hands of the ‘so called’ biggest garbages and they have successfully achieved such feat.
It is still a great surprise to me as a person that some people could still come out to cast their vote for PDP.
One would have expected the generality of Nigerians to learn their lessons with all these mind blowing revelations and discovery of how this set of people almost plundered us into monumental catastrophe after the exit of President Goodluck Jonathan.
It is shocking that we still have some people who still believes that such a Party that has gulped billions of naira for 16 years still have something tangible to offer.
Nigerians honestly need to come together and reject this Party, PDP, who have given to our people, nothing but hardship, pains and agony.
The APC electoral victory in Ekiti is a victory for democracy and educated thoughts.
This should serve as a wakeup call for PDP that they are simply set of rejected, disowned and bang of failures.
PDP has gone, they really have to be, they need time to reflect.
PDP may not be part of Nigeria’s future because they have spent the past and ended up in destroying the present.
They have really damaged the country when in real sense it would have reached its damage apex if President Muhammad Buhari did not emerge to salvage this country from liars and wasters.
They have nothing to offer again and they did not have any Credible Challenger for a long time.
It’s Unfortunate!

Elections in Nigeria are not as straight as we all expect it to be.
Our people need thorough Education about the dividends of democracy and Good Governance.
It is sad that people still vote for highest bidder and I watched the video of people rushing to collect mere #1000 from party agents before they cast their votes. That is not poverty, that is ignorance at its peak and lack of understanding of electoral process.
Nigerians need to be careful in choosing their leaders and they should only vote for politicians who will serve the interest of the People. This country is succeeding in making the process of Credible Election but our attitude towards the efforts of INEC is frustrating.

May God help us!

Hon. Rotimi Makinde

Hon. Rotimi Makinde, is a former member of the House of Representatives and the Chairman and Founder of Oodua FM (90.9FM), Ile-Ife. © July 16, 2018

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