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I Had The Chance To Travel Out For Prostitution But I Declined And Focused On My Handwork – FEMALE WELDER

A 23-year-old lady identified as Blessing Asoko has shared some of the challenges and triumphs she has faced working as a welder in a Nigeria. The young lady spoke to News men on what prompted her into a profession typically ascribed to the male, how she has coped with the gender stereotypes in the society amongst others.

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Blessing Asoko disclosed that truly, it hasn’t been easy for her. She said people do make jest of her when they see her doing what has been stereotypically ascribed to the male gender. She said some people even told her that she would be unable to find a husband because of her line of work.

Blessing said she once had the opportunity to travel out of Nigeria for prostitution but she rejected it because she believes in her handwork. Blessing said she strongly believes in the philosophy that handwork pays more than prostitution.

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Speaking on what prompted her into welding profession, Blessing said she grew up watching her father work as a welder. She said she developed a penchant for the work but her father initially didn’t want her to delve into it because she is a woman.

However, she said she was undeterred to the stereotypical barrier. She said she started learning until after she finished her secondary school education. She said she was financially crippled and couldn’t further her education, thus, she started working as a welder to make ends meet.

After she has established herself in the profession, she said her father was now proud of her as she was earning her daily bread. On the other side, Blessing said some of her friends still make jest of her for doing a man’s job.

She said the most painful insult she received was when her female friend told her that instead of doing ‘runs’ (prostitution) with her, she is stuck with a man’s job. Blessing, however said she doesn’t really get worked up over such comments because she is doing what she likes.

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She said one of the challenges she faces in her line of work is that sometimes she gets exhausted and fatigued after working. Sometimes, she said she wouldn’t be able to sleep at night and water will be running down from her eyes.

She said sometimes, her face becomes very ugly but she doesn’t really let that bother her because she believes that her own man will like her for who she is. Blessing said she loves what she does and that is what really matters to her.

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