INSIDE LIFE: APOSTLE DALLAN reveals that she has two functional male, female organs

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Apostle Dallan from Kisumu has narrated how he/she came to accept the condition he was born with having two Organs ( both male and female) which are functional. when she was young her mother used to hide her condition.

At school she couldn’t play with either girls or boys because boys used to refer to her as a girl while girls used to refer to her as a boy, she hated herself and all she wished for was death.  Her mother and her doctor used to encourage her to accept herself the way God created her.

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She stated that she used to dress like a man but at the age of 14years she started menstruating,she got into a relationship at the age of 24 years but this time the girl from her church is the one who made the first move, when Dallan mother saw that she encouraged them to have a relationship and explained to the lady about Dallan’s condition and the lady had no problem with it.

They got married although the wife was not good to Dallan because whenever they had some misunderstandings she was threatening him that she will disclose about his condition to everyone, after 6 years in marriage they were blessed with a son, the wife now changed and started sleeping around that’s when they separated.

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In the church where he was ministering a young man was assigned to him as a helper, since her female organ were also functional they fell in love and she conceived, her mother noticed that she was pregnant took her to hospital and she was scheduled to see a gynaecologist, that’s when she decided to accept herself and tell people that she has both sexual organs

She gave birth to a baby girl, Dallan now says that he/she is a mother and a father, since then she now dresses like a woman she has built homes for the needy people in Kisumu and she is the one who feeds them. She has advised people to be thankful to God for everything.


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