I will end AGBERO menace, if I win – LAGOS LP CANDIDATE, Rhodes-Vivour

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THE Lagos State Governorship Candidate under the Labour Party (LP), Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour has said that if he is elected in the March 18 election, his administration will put an end to AGBERO menace.


He gave the assurance while speaking at the Youth O’clock breakfast meeting organised by the ‘Obidient Movement’ in Ikeja GRA Lagos, vowing that the Labour Party would resist any form of voters’ intimidation or harassment.

He stressed that the event was part of the mission to free Lagos from shackles holding the State down.



In an apparent response to the claims that he’s not a Yoruba man and that he doesn’t understand Yoruba, Rhodes-Vivour said the people of Lagos want good governance regardless of the language a leader speaks or the tribe he belongs to.

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He noted that he is a proper cosmopolitan Lagosian having roots with the Yoruba people and having been trained in best institutions in the world.



The LP candidate said Lagos has always existed in harmony but politicians whip up ethnicity to divide the people of the state.



Rhodes-Vivour said part of his mission is to create Lagos that works for all and the need to end the ‘agbero’ system in the state, that has created a lot of safety hazards.



Agbero is a popular street name for motor park touts which has become a menace in the state’s transportation ecosystem.

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He also promised to provide employability skills to young people to tackle the problem of youth unemployment in the state ,emphasizing that contrary to the notion that unemployed youths are lazy, many of them actually want jobs to earn a decent living.

“They want jobs, so we are going to ensure that we give them employability skills and domicile these skills at the Local Governments,” he said.

He promised that when he emerges as Governor, the health care system, education ,transportation, clean pipe borne water system and other infrastructure work effectively.

He noted that the Obidient project is bigger than anyone and by God’s grace it will produce thousands of quality men that will continue to serve the country with sincerity of purpose.

He said that the security and safety of voters are paramount in the March 18 election, adding that any form of intimidation and harassment would be resisted.

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