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A popular United Kingdom based Nigerian DJ, Olaniyi Oladigbo popularly known as DJ Ola has committed suicide.




The incident occured on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.






His friend of 19 years, Philip Oyewale gave a detailed information on the incident that led to the sudden death of DJ Ola whom he said has been complaining of depression before he finally committed suicide.





In a message monitored by SOJ WORLDWIDE correspondent, Oyewale gave discreet account of his relationship with the diseased and his family.








One death, too many!!!

I was in a prayer program yesterday, when the wife of D J Ola, called. I declined the call and she sent me one of the most distressing text ever; ‘ I just lost my husband’. I quickly went out to verify the rude joke. With tears, she explained the circumstances that led to his death. I will be addressing three issues in this write up. The man called D J Ola, the cause of his death and lessons for all.





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The man D J Ola( Olaniyi Oladigbo)

I met D J Ola about 19 years ago. He was always full of life. Before he started his D J bussiness, I knew him to be a workaholic. From Peke to support work.

He was always willing to help others. I can’t remember how many newly relocated Nigerians that he introduced to me. He will make sure they get job, house and even bring them to church. He will not come to church, but he will always refer to our church as the best church in town.

When he started the DJ Bussiness, he will leave no stone unturned to persuade people to attend his show. He has literally made myself and my wife to attend his late night shows. Because he will fight with you if you didn’t attend. He was passionate about his bussiness. He loved it and would do anything to deliver.

Niyi can talk and if you don’t have luxury of time, don’t venture to start any conversation with him. Just greet him and go. He was a man of the people. As a matter of fact, one of the most popular Nigerians in Liverpool. He was loved by many and of course he made so many enemies with his outspoken tendencies.
I must quickly add that when he makes mistakes and you make him to realize it, he will apologize and relate with you as if nothing ever happened.




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Niyi was married to his beloved wife, Hellen. I can categorically tell you, he loved his wife and children to bit. He was a responsible father. He will do anything to protect and provide for his family. He adored his wife. He hated it when you report him to his wife. He loved her and we that were closed to them know it. Let me move to the next point, the cause of his death.






The cause of his death

Contrary to what has been circulating on the social media, Niyi has always been dealing with depression and insomnia.

He had on several occasions threatened to kill himself. Any little thing, he would say, ‘I will just kill myself’. I remember telling him one day in my office with the wife present, that he needed mental health assessment.

I instructed the wife to encourage him to see the doctor. Since his demise yesterday, I gathered he had attempted to kill himself few times without success.

He sent messages to few people a night before, telling them he was depressed. He sent a message to his wife and children also, telling them he loved them but really depressed.




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Personally, I noticed during the son’s tenth birthday thanksgiving in the church on the 28th August, 2022, he was not himself. Niyi will always make a scene with his dancing. That day he was too quiet. And I was thinking, this man eventually is growing. I narrowly missed the hint that could possibly have averted the ugly incident of yesterday.

Lessons to be learnt

There are many lessons one can learn from the passing of D J Ola. I will try to enumerate few.

1. It’s good to enjoy life to its fullest. Niyi did what he loved and enjoyed it.

2. It’s good to be good. Niyi was a good man. Always willing to help.

3. It’s paramount for all of us to take our mental health seriously. That someone appears happy on social media doesn’t mean they are happy.

4. It’s important for us to always speak out. You will not be helping yourself or your spouse if you keep quiet about certain things.

5. If anyone threatens to kill himself or herself, report to the appropriate authorities. You may be saving a life.

6. Sometimes, you can not manage mental health issues with prayer and spirituality alone, please, seek medical intervention.

7. Let’s us be kind to one another. Comments, criticism and unhealthy competition must stop.

8. We must advocate for, if there’s nothing like that before, for a forum where our people can share their concerns without being scared of being laughed at, made ridicule of, e.t.c

9. We must pray always for one another.

10. We must genuinely care for one another. A little smile and words of affirmation can safe a life.




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In conclusion, today is D J Ola. Who else do we know is hurting and silently crying for help? There’s a great need for us to come together as Nigerians in Liverpool to love and support one another.

On this note, there will be a special evening prayer on Friday night by 6pm to 8pm to celebrate the life of Mr. Niy Oladigbo(D J Ola) @ Pentecost Baptist Church, Liverpool. 2 Coleridge Street, L6 6BS.

Let’s meet to pray!
Let’s meet to mourn!
Let’s meet to stand with his family.

Any enquiry, Watsap 07939404100.

Peace be unto you.

Revd. Dr. Philip Oyewale,
Pastor, PBC.





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Written by Bola Ogunmuyiwa

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