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INSIDE LIFE: DADDY, I dont want to die, sell your car to release me – boy in kidnappers den cries out (WATCH VIDEO)

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MASTER Jomiloju was kidnapped somewhere in Ondo State some days ago and had since been in the den of the gunmen who are threatening his father to bring N30 million otherwise his 10-year-old boy will die of hunger.





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Meanwhile, Jomiloju who was in tears told his father on phone that he should go and look for N30 million for his release.





The horrific conversation:

Jomiloloju: Daddy, come and pay N30 million

Daddy:  Beg them, I have been looking for N400,000, beg them

Jomiloju:  They cannot allow

Daddy:  Beg them

Jomiloju:  Pay N30 million, go and sell that your car.

Daddy:  I will go and sell it

Jomiloju;  Pay it, I don’t want to die, bring it tomorrow, 

That was the pathetic conversations between the 10-year-old boy held captive in the forest under this cold weather and torrential rain.










The only sin of Jomiloju was because he was born in Nigeria otherwise, how could this little boy be having this harrowing experience in the 21st century in a country that prided itself as the giant of Africa?

I shed tears listening to this conversation between father, son and one of the kidnappers. No information yet that this innocent boy has been released as at the time of filing this report. 




We hope our already overwhelmed law enforcement agents will do all it could to set Jomiloju free unhurt.




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Written by Bola Ogunmuyiwa

BSc Agric Science

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