INSIDE STORY of BRT missing Lady: BAMISE called a friend when she sensed danger, how she was killed, driver’s angle to her death

Remains of Bamise Ayanwole
Remains of Bamise Ayanwole
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IF Bamise Ayanwole had known that the Lagos BRT she boarded would send her to a journey of no return she would have entered a DANFO. But because she taught BRT would be safer than entering a ‘One Chance’ bus, she boarded a BRT with few passengers.

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BAMISE sensed danger after she has already entered the bus, as a smart lady, she called her best friend saying, “Am scared o, this bus I entered didn’t pick any passenger from where I entered from Chevron in Ajah, Lagos.”

Remains of Bamise Ayanwole
Remains of Bamise Ayanwole

Her friend told her she should continue to get in touch.

She called to tell her friend that she met another lady with three other men and the bus was approaching the Carter Bridge. Everywhere in the bus was dark, she said.

Although, inside of the bus was dark she shot a video and sent it and the number of the bus that finally aided the police in arresting the suspects.

Her voice got thinner on phone until her friend could no longer hear from her again. Her friend put a call across to her telling her, “Bamise pick my call now, why didn’t you pick call, pick my call. That was the last of Bamise on earth until her naked body was found on the bridge lifeless.


They killed a dream, they put the entire family in sorrow. The mother cried until she fainted. The callous killers didn’t think that she had thesame breadth like they had, that she had a family that would be expecting her at home. It was a gruesome murder.

This incident is one among many happenings especially in the Southwest with no one caught that has ever been punished for the consequences of their evil actions.
Dream killers now on prowl killing without remorse. After all, money can do all things. After all, they will hire seasoned lawyer to defend them at the court of law.

BRT driver, Andrew Nice Omininikoron
BRT driver, Andrew Nice Omininikoron

The BRT Driver arrested was saying cock and bull story that a five-year-old child will feel reluctant to say.

HE said he was threatened with weapons to do the bidding of the assailants.

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The driver, who the police identified as Andrew Nice said, “When those guys showed me the weapons, I was filled with fear. Whatever they told me to do was what I did.

“When I followed the Carter Bridge, they ordered me to stop and open the door. When I opened the door, they started dragging her as they came down.”

“I didn’t know that they have dragged her down before I zoomed off.”

And he ran away into hiding without reporting the incident to the Police.

Everyone is calling for a thorough investigation and to let justice prevail.

A concerned Nigerian wrote on his Facebook Page probing the issues around the BRT, the Driver and Lagos State Government,

“Thinking of Bamise’s death, I can’t help but point so many faults involved and how the BRT driver and his cohorts planned and executed their mission very well.

1. BRT buses are not Lagos danfo that can stop anywhere and pick passengers.
How come he stopped to pick three other men along the journey?

2. Her route was Oworoshoki to Oshodi as she was headed to Sango Otta, wetin driver dey find for Ebute Ero – Carter bridge – Apongbon?

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3. He deliberately took a detour as the evil will be best carried out around that axis, third mainland bridge would have been too busy for that kind thing.

4. He went to hide because he knew what was up.
A sane person and an innocent person will drive to the nearest police station to report what just happened in his bus.

5. It was a pre-meditated murder that even spooked the girl off the instant she entered the bus.

6. The driver has been coached on the things to say to the media.
It could be that there are a lot of big people involved.

7. The silence of the state governor until yesterday says a lot about this current Lagos state administration.
Nor be them shoot protesters for toll gate? Una too rate this people sha.

8. Lagos state is trying to disassociate with the BRT buses saying it is privately managed but their prick dey stand to arrest motorists that Plies the lane.
They even bought vans for task force for BRT lane monitoring with SECURITY trust fund money o! Lagos people tax o!!!

9. Make all of them collect sueing!
Govt o!
BRT managers o!

10. And a huge compensation should be paid to the family of the deceased.
Even tho it can’t bring back their daughter, they should pay them abeg for their negligence..

This are purely my opinion o!”

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