LIBERIAN people have spoken, their choice will be honored, obeyed (HEROIC SPEECH BY GEORGE WEAH)

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I stand before you tonight with a heavy heart, but with the utmost respect for the democratic process that has defined our nation.




The results announced tonight, though not final, indicate that Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai is in a lead that is insurmountable.




A few moments ago, I spoke with President-elect Joseph N. Boakai to congratulate him on his victory and to offer my sincere commitment to working with him for the betterment of our beloved Liberia🇱🇷.

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I extend my heartfelt congratulations to President-elect Boakai, his supporters, and his campaign team. May his presidency be marked by success for all Liberians, and may our nation prosper under his leadership.




Tonight, as we acknowledge the results, let us also recognize that the true winners of these elections are the people of Liberia🇱🇷. Through your peaceful and orderly exercise of your constitutional right to vote, you have once again demonstrated your commitment to the democratic principles that bind us together as a nation.





Under my leadership, these elections were organized with a promise to the Liberian people – a promise of fairness, transparency, and credibility. I am proud to say that, for the most part, we have fulfilled that promise. The Liberian people have spoken, and their choice will be honored and obeyed.

I would like to congratulate the National Elections Commission for a job well done.

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However, the closeness of the results reveals a deep division within our country. As we transition to the new Boakai administration, we must be vigilant to the dangers of division and work together to find common ground. Now, more than ever, unity is paramount for the love of Mama Liberia.





To the members of the Mighty Coalition for Democratic Change, I understand that this is not the outcome we desired.

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I urge you to follow my example and accept the results of the elections.



Tonight, the Coalition for Democratic Change has lost the election, but Liberia🇱🇷 has won. This is a time for graciousness in defeat, a time to place our country above party, and patriotism above personal interest. I remain your President until the handover of power, and I will continue to work for the good of Liberia.




Let us heal the divisions caused by the campaign and come together as One Nation and One United People.

~ George Manneh Weah,
President of Liberia

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