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NANS distance student body from excesses, selfishness of ASUU, calls for return to class

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The President, National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Sunday Asefon, on Tuesday during an Interview with TVC described the strike action in the tertiary education sector in Nigeria as a challenge that administrations of the student body will not be able to resolve.


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“ASUU Leadership is Selfish and have no interest of the development of Nigerian Students.

ASUU leadership should think that there is need for Nigerian Students to go back to class, There is need for them to have a flexible act.” He Said

NANS President, Sunday Asefon defending the interest of Nigerian on TVC on Tuesday, August 30, 2022
NANS President, Sunday Asefon defending the interest of Nigerian students on TVC on Tuesday, August 30, 2022


Asefon added that he has listened to ASUU President and he does not see any reason why ASUU are still bent on Prolonging the Strike.

He also said he does not see any reason why some state universities are part of the strike. He wondered why President of ASUU should declare in public domain that Nigerian State Universities are ‘quacks’. 

“Let’s look at the issue of the Federal Government and ASUU where the Federal Government said ‘No Work, No Pay’ the fact that Federal Government is owing ASUU six Month Salaries, it is an issue between the employers and employees that has nothing to do with the students.”

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“ASUU’s interest is so parochial in the sense thar the issue of UTAS and IPPS should not be a yardstick for Nigerian Students to be at home.”

Speaking during the Interview,  the NANS President said he spoke with the Secretary of NUC. The Secretary who confirmed that the issue of UTAS and IPPS has been resolved.

“We then tried to reach out to the leadership of ASUU since May, they refused to pick our calls.

Concerning the issue of their Salary, the article 43 of trade union district has said it all concerning their Salary. 

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Going back on the demand of ASUU, They have masqueraded their own interest into the interest of the tertiary education, Majority of what they are demanding for is for their personal interest”. Asefon Added. 

“There is need for Nigerian Students and Parents to start calling the lecturers to return back to class. 

NASU, SSANU AND NAAT have reached agreement with the Federal government and have since resumed. But ASUU is very selfish”

ASUU should therefore find another means of agitating for the welfare of their members they should not jeopardize the interest of Nigeria youths.

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