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Plot To Kill A Prophetess By A Pastor Exposed By Cultist He Contracted – CONFESSIONS OF THE CULTISTS WILL AMAZE YOU!

Police Command

Police Command

This is the story of a ‘man of God’ who contracted a Cult group to eliminate a Prophetess because he assumed that members of his church have left him for her church.

20-year-old suspected cultist, Liberty Eves, has told operatives of the Anti-Cultism Unit, Lagos State Police Command why he refused to take part in the plan to kill the prophetess of his church at the Ojo area of the state.
Eves explained that it was a pastor from another Church in Ojo area that contracted his cult group to eliminate the prophetess for allegedly luring his church members to hers.

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The suspect further explained that the pastor promised to pay the cult group N2 million if they were able to carry out the assassination without a hitch.
Orji Darlington (25), a member of the group, was alleged to have brought the issue to their general meeting, where members deliberated on how to go about the operation.
Eves, who said he was now a born again Christian, admitted that he had not fully renounced the cult group.

He said: “I’m still attending their meetings, but I want to pull out gradually.
“I don’t want to leave suddenly because it would be dangerous for me.
“That is why I’m still attending their meetings, to make it look like I’m still their member.
“It was at one of our meetings that we decided and picked those that would carry out the operation.
“Darlington and I were part of those selected for the job.
“I was chosen because I’m a member of the church.

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“It was because of the love I had for our prophetess and how her sermon had changed my life that I decided to approach her one day after a Sunday Service.
“I told her all we discussed her and how we were planning to kill her.
“I also told her the person that contracted us.
“Sincerely, she sees me as a repentant cultist.
“When I told her about the plan to kill her, she started shivering.
“She begged me to tell my members to spare her life.
“To my shock, the prophetess went to discuss the issue with some senior members of our church.

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“It was these elders in the church that reported the matter to the police.
“But before the matter was reported, I had already promised her that whatever happens, I would stand as a witness in case my members were arrested.”
Eves recalled that he was arrested by policemen from Onireke Police Station, Festac Town.
He said that his Investigating Police Officer and other policemen at the station commended him for his bravery and revelation to the prophetess.
He said:

“I don’t know why it is that after exposing the culprits, I’m still being kept in police cell till now.

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“It was from Festac Town we were brought to the Ant-Cultism Unit.
“In fairness to the prophetess, she always brings food for me in the cell every day.
“I appreciate her for that, but I don’t think I should still be in police custody.
“I did not partake in any crime.
“It’s not easy being in the police cell.”

Darlington, who is a graduate of International Relations from Hundogbe University, Republic of Benin, denied knowing anything about the attempted murder of the prophetess.
His words:

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“I don’t know the Church he’s talking about!
“I’m suffering for a crime I didn’t commit or know about.”
Darlington, however, admitted being a cultist.
He explained that he was initiated into Aiye Group in 2017, when he attended a birthday party of his friend.
He said: “I was told after joining the cult that nobody, including the lecturers, would threaten me.
“After I was initiated, I became scared.
“I didn’t want to die.
“I told a friend of mine what happened to me and he assured me that nothing would happen to me.
“Since then, I have been their member.

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“When I graduate from university, I relocated back home.
“As a member of Aiye, we have a way of knowing one another.
“That was how I came across Liberty.
“He was the person that mentioned my name to the police.
“I don’t know anything about the pastor or prophetess.
“I was arrested on November 1 at Ojo Barracks.
“I regretted joining the confraternity.
“Since I joined, I have not achieved anything from it.
“My parents are not happy about my arrest and involvement in cultism.
“They feel I have brought disgrace to them.”
Another member of Eiye confraternity, Livingstone Lawani (28), was arrested by the Officer-in-Charge of the Anti-Cultism Unit, Chief Superintendent of Police Uduak Udom, and his team.

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Lawani shocked policemen when he said that being arrested and kept in detention was the best thing that could have happened to him.
According to him, since he was brought to the Unit, he had been able to think well.
He disclosed that the evil spirit, which used to tell him to make trouble, has departed.
He is now able to sleep.
Lawani said: “I was initiated last year.
“After the initiation, I was given a role.
“The role was to spy and report back to the superior.
“I have never killed before.

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“I was arrested where I was smoking and waiting for my noodle to be ready.
“I have participated in four different operations.
“The recent one that shocked me was when one of us was killed at the battlefield.
“That alone changed my orientation.
“It’s not that I like smoking; I do it anytime, especially when I’m depressed.
“It was my stubbornness that led me into cultism.
“I started smoking at the age of 15.
“I learnt it from my father.
“Whenever he’s not around, I would go to a corner to smoke.
“My parents have been begging me to return home since they relocated to Ikorodu.

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“I’m happy I’m here.
“Anytime I smoke, I would be angry and ready to fight, but since two weeks now, I have not been able to smoke.
“This police cell is a sort of a correctional centre for me.”
Qudus Akanbi, 32, a member of Eiye Confraternity, also claimed he was initiated after he took some elders in his street on his motorcycle to Fadeyi area.
There, he was dragged into a room, beaten and then initiated into cult group.
 (c) November 25, 2019

Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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