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Sad! Deji Adeyemi, First Redeemer’s University SUG President is dead

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Deji Adeyemi, First Redeemer’s University Students Association (RUNSA) President is dead.

News gathered that Adeyemi died on Monday.

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Adeyemi was among the pioneer students of the institution owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

The real cause of his death is not known at the time of this report.

In a moving tributes, Deji, as the deceased was fondly called, protected the sanctity of the student government institution.

The Tributes:

“Deji taught me patriotism. He taught me politics. He taught me diplomacy. Ever so subtly. As the first Asst. General Secretary of RUNSA, working with Deji was like working with a real life country level president.

He made me believe I had the wherewithal to take on a political office in whatever capacity. Haha Deji loved reading mine and Grace (Gen. Secretary)’s meeting minutes. LOVED.”

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“Deji protected the sanctity of the student government institution. Our “back of Tanties” RUNSA office was treated like Aso Rock and 10, Downing Street. Secure, revered, close to the people and easily accessible all at the same time.”

“This was Deji’s legacy. Deji had an unmistakable Charisma about him. A wit that was Harvard standard and a poise that was of English royalty. But he bled Green White Green! A staunch and ardent Believer in Project Nigeria.

“Deji was incredibly optimistic about Nigeria. It was so contagious. Ah. I will miss just knowing that Deji, my President!!! is somewhere in the world doing something to better this nation. I’m happy I got to tell you at least once that I was proud to have worked with you… as Assistant Gen Sec. Ah I wish I said it more. I met your wife a couple of times and boy! What an amazing and passionate woman she is. I smiled a happy smile when we talked.”

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“Omo, Deji marry well! What a beautiful pair you both are. Were. Ah. Dear God, please comfort her. Please comfort us.”

“Deji’s WiFi name that year was XLNC and his favorite, short, Presidential prayer was, “May the roof above us not cave in and may the walls around us not fall out… or something like that.” 😊 He also officially dropped the name “Mandilon” and was rechristened John. Ah a true heir with Jesus Christ! Glory! Glory!!!”

“I shall miss you My Friend. My President. My first boss. Pride of the Redeemer’s University and Pride of Nigeria! THE ADEDEJI JOHN ADEYEMI, AA. GOD REST YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL, SIR until resurrection morning.” 💕

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