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The Value of Democracy! Lessons from the American 2020 presidential election by Demola Ogunfidodo

The past few days have been interesting in America’s democratic procedure. All eyes have been on America. A leading democratic nation that prides herself in upholding the value of democracy. America does not just export gadgets and technology, her democratic values set the bar for many nations across the world to follow. As the whole world has been witnessing in the past few days, America too has her challenges.

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Currently, America is suffering from a deep cut of self-inflicting wounds. The incumbent president, despite President Trump’s shameful insistence on turning America’s democracy into a global laughing stock, the American institutions held on to their values. They deserved to be honoured for their astute and strict adherence to the rules.

Immediately it became clear that Joe Biden was almost certainly going to win, the secret service automatically extended their protection to him, even as the sitting president was still crying foul. They did not have to wait to receive an order from anybody, not even from the president. Processes are automatically triggered irrespective of whoever is involved.

As the president was screaming and threatening the American democracy with legal challenges, counting of votes continued. He lacks the power to stop them. A whole president? Several litigations brought by his team to stop the counting have been thrown out by the courts for lack of evidence.

Even the media cut him off when he started making unfounded allegations during a live press conference.

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If President Trump can order the military or national guards to shut down those vote counting centres, he would have done so. But he knows the military will not obey such order, their allegiance is not to him even though he is the Commander-in-Chief. They swear their oath of office to the American people and the constitution, not an individual. This brings to mind the shameful shooting of the peaceful protesters at the Lekki Tollgate by the Nigerian army.

The question now is, who does the Nigerian Army swear their oath, the Nigerian constitutions and Nigerians or the politicians?
The mature, peaceful election procedure and its aftermath we have been following in American can only happen in a country with strong and independent institutions, a country where institutions superseded individuals.

The events of the past few days have been a test of the strength of America’s institutions, and so far, they have succeeded. They have proven that despite all its challenges, America’s democracy is too matured to be held hostage by any power-drunk individual.

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Institutions control nations, not individuals. There are three separate arms of governments, they are; the executive, the legislature & judiciary. These institutions are independent of each other. That is how nations function. No presidential executive order could or should supersede the final decisions of the supreme court.

As we are all following this worthy ’democratic value’ being displayed in America, let us think about Nigeria. What can we learn from this? Had this been in Nigeria, how would the two main parties handle the situation? How would the police and the army react? The party supporters, what would their reaction be by now?

We have seen peaceful hilarious protests from time to time following the election, however, no reported cases of violence. Would this have been the case in Nigeria?

The government that cannot govern.

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The leaders that cannot lead, leaders that blame others for their failures.
The thugs, the shameless paid thugs, selling their future for the price of pure water.
The SARS that fails their citizens.
The army that cannot protect their countrymen and women.
The police that cannot police.
The hoodlums that hell-bent on destroying Southern Nigeria.
The opportunist faceless looters.
The two main political parties that couldn’t get their act together.
The lawmakers that are robbing Nigerians of our commonwealth.

The ‘fake soldiers’ that killed peaceful innocent protesting Nigerian youths at Lekki tollgate. The criminals that invaded the palace in Lagos, an abomination in Yoruba culture and tradition.
The arsonist that deliberately burnt BRT buses for their benefit.

The thugs that burnt a police station.
If the past few days in America had been in Nigeria, would we still have any public buildings, banks, police stations, schools, hospitals, universities, monuments, bridges, hotels (etc) left in Lagos?

Shame on you lot!

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Nigeria & Nigerians, I urge our beloved nation and our people to watch what is happening across the Atlantic, not just to watch, but let us learn from the ‘America’s value,’ the true value of democracy. The only power left for Nigerian to redeem themselves from the bad leadership is their voting cards, a powerful weapon that must be utilised wisely.

America and Americans might be stirred, soon, the water will settle again, the clear water will be visible as it always is.​ America will be great again.

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The Nigerian army is our army, support them to win the war on terror.

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Written by Adesoji OMOSEBI

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USA DECIDES: “I love seeing TRUMP supporters CRY, it’s my daily medicine” – YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT PEOPLE SAY!

President Donald Trump

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