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Chaos As Stray Bullet From Nigerian Soldiers Hit Two People In Ibadan

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Several neighborhoods around the 2Division Nigeria Army at Odogbo in Ibadan are in a state of panic after two people were shot by stray gunshots from the barracks’ shooting range.

One of the victims, who is believed to be approximately 10 years old, is named Daniel, while the other victim, an adult, is known as Baba Ajeri.

The two victims were reportedly being treated by army medical staff after being transported to the hospital located inside the barracks.

Residents claimed that the two of them were struck by bullets on Friday 16 September, 2022 while the firing went on.

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They said that a hail of bullets from the shooting range had damaged their structures, particularly their roofs, while many of them remained inside to avoid the flying bullets.

One of the leaders in the community, Alhaji Kareem Ijeru, told SOJ WORLDWIDE CORRESPONDENT that the fresh round of shooting was intense on Friday night and many residents had to park their vehicles outside their homes.


“They have started again. We have been going through this for years. They started again yesterday and it was very bad last night.

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“Everybody stayed indoors and we all laid down flat to avoid being hit by bullets right inside out homes. The shooting continued this morning and unfortunately, two persons were hit.

“They have been rushed to the hospital in the barracks. The bullets which hit Baba Ajeri have not been removed but Daniel I lucky, I was told the one that hit him has been extracted.

“We have staged protests, we have complained to the army on many occasions but the situation has not changed.”

Another resident, Ade Owolabi, said many landlords in the area had packed out of their houses to rent accommodation in other places to save their lives.


“Some of our people have developed hypertension as a result of constant fear. But is this how we will continue to live in danger? President Muhammadu Buhari should help us,” he said.

The officer in charge of Information at 2 Division Nigeria Army, Lt. Col Charles Ekeocha, when contacted on the telephone told our correspondent that he was not on the ground but would call and get back.

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Written by Ruth Semilore

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