YORUBAS returned our properties, rents after three years civil war – JOE IGBOKWE

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On March 11, 2023 all LAGOSIANS will be going to the polls elect the Governor, his Deputy and members of the State Assembly. Please vote for APC all the way.

Our host, the Yoruba Nation has treated us very well , sheltered, accommodated us , provided conducive atmosphere, the enabling environment, the security for our businesses to try . We have recorded great and monumental progress in Lagos since 1970.









This is not the time to point accusing fingers, this is not the time to play ethnic politics, this is not the time for blame games, this is not the time to point accusing fingers or to create animosity and ethnic divisions. No Umunnem, this is the time to cement and renew our relationship with the Yoruba nation that dates back to 50s and 60s.

This is the time for a deep handshake.

This is the time to build more bridges , build more friendship sand, more cultural synergy. A lot is at stake in Lagos. Igbo have built huge business empire in Lagos and we are not taking all these for granted. Yoruba are good and they accommodate people.







We voted in the last Friday Presidential Elections and I know that our son is on the ballot and you voted for him . It is not out of place because he is our son. We played the politics and we have moved on. Politics is fun . Politics is a game. Politics is deep.

Saturday March 11 and let us not burn bridges but build new bridges of hope, friendship, brotherhood, mutual respect and understanding.






Let us not vote out of annoyance because a lot is at stake like I have said.

An Igbo adage says if out of annoyance you remove your hat and throw it away someone else can pick it and use it forever. Everybody needs everybody to live . God made it so.

Handshake across the Niger is still standing. Yoruba nation returned all our properties with three years rent to us after the Civil war in 1970. We were not lucky with our neighbors in the South. Let us remember all this for the good of the commonwealth.







Please vote SANWO OLU and OBAFEMI HAMZAT and APC members into the State House of Assembly this coming Saturday and God will bless you as you do so . Where you live is where you build( Ebe onye bi ka ona awachi.

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