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Senator Ademola ADELEKE in a certificate scandal that could make or mar his political career

Senator Ademola Adeleke
Senator Ademola Adeleke

SENATOR ADEMOLA ADELEKE: As the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is about concluding their primary and subsequent announcement of their flag bearer to the September 22, 2018 gubernatorial election, one of the leading aspirants; Senator Ademola Adeleke is enmeshed with school certificate scandal.

SOJWORLD.COM reproduced the fact findings by Akoni Oodua Ayeniromo on the educational background of Senator Ademola Adeleke for public consumption.

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As it were, nothing can be cheaper than rumors in Osun State today whether in the PDP or APC even in other smaller political parties. A particular one that is considered most dangerous among all rumors currently flying around was on the issue of Senator Ademola Adeleke not having the necessary academic requisite to contest for the post of governor in the state. What nonsense!
A whole Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria not having any certificate? Impossible as impossibility itself.
That was the response of some people which includes your darling, Ayeniromo.

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However and much as one may want to dismiss this rumors with the ordinary wave of hands the rumors kept flying and it just refused to die.
The party at both the national and the state levels have been inundated with petitions on this issue just as some people kept firing their salvos repeatedly using the social media on same issue. As usual, some people rely strongly on Ayeniromo for the necessary establishment of fact on this matter and as such kept pressurizing the page to say something on it hence, the page’s final cave in to pressure.
Anyways and by popular demand Ayeniromo will have to share the outcome of his findings with the public here if only to lay the matter to its final rest.


First and foremost, let us ask on what the constitution and or our electoral laws say is the academic prerequisite to becoming a senator or governor in Nigeria.Undoubtedly, Section 131(d) of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) prescribes Secondary School Leaving Certificate as the minimum educational qualification of candidates contesting election to the office of Governor of a state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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Therefore, and if that be the case, the question that readily comes to mind is; did Senator Ademola Adeleke have this necessary academic requirement and if he has why the controversy?
Findings revealed thus;
In 1981, one Ademola Adeleke registered for his May/ June General Certificate of Education ( GCE) O Level at the Muslim Grammar School, Ede. His Registration Number was 19645 / 149.
Whereas, he registered for Eight (8) subjects which includes Eng. Lang. Lit. In English, Islamic Studies, Geography,Biology, Econs, and Maths but he only sat for English Language and in which he scored F9. The rest subjects he didn’t write. He was marked absent.
By the above revelations one will easily conclude Senator Ademola Adeleke have the basic requirement to contest for the Senate and governorship as well. But why then the controversies, one will ask.
Whereas, it is mandatory for anybody running for political offices in Nigeria to undergo a screening exercise (a kind of background history check) with the DSS.
This exercise is a thorough examination of all available details on such person’s background as may have been supplied by him or her. It is an exclusive role of the Department of State Services ( DSS). In carrying out this role, a form of the Department known as Personal History form shall be filled in the person’s own handwritten.
A column of it emphasizes on Educational history. In addition to the filling of this form original copies of credentials claimed has to be presented while the photocopies has to be attached. Expectedly, Senator Ademola Adeleke went through this process ahead of his becoming a senator.

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However and for reason best know to the senator which although has been explained out by his senior brother, Deji Adeleke during a meeting held with some stakeholders, the shame of having to present as his educational qualification such a woeful result ( GCE O/L with just one subject and F9 at that) may have made his brother senator to present to the DSS the ordinary TESTIMONIAL which was unacceptable to the rule of the game.
The rule emphasizes on School Certificate or its equivalent as the minimum qualification.
The DSS was however magnanimous when they took the senator on his honor and cleared him in the believe that he truly had the requirements but just that he never knew they will request for it as he explained hence, his not bringing them along with him on the day he went for their screening.
They allowed him to go and come back with the original and photocopies of his acclaimed certificates – WAEC results and his acclaimed Jacksonville University degrees.
However, the Senator never till today returned to the DSS but instead went into the senatorial election and he won. This is capable of putting the DSS and the INEC in trouble should somebody decides to raise his eyebrows, one legal luminary interviewed on this issue have said.
One thing led to another. The ever curious Osun people will not rest on their oars on matters like this. Tongues began to wag. People started wondering and pondering on why and how the Senator will present the ordinary TESTIMONIAL again to the screening committee set up by the National Headquarters in Abuja to screen all eleven aspirants of the PDP. Like in the case of the DSS and INEC the PDP Committee apart from not wanting to cause crisis in Osun PDP should the senator be disqualified also took the senator on his honor and tentatively accepted the Testimonial but instructed him to make necessary corrections as soon as possible.
They however warned the Osun PDP to be careful on this delicate one which they say its consequences may be too horrifying for the party to contemplate.

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Whereas and to worsen the situation , the Testimonial has been disowned by the school principal when during this last week Security operatives called on him to ascertain the genuineness of the Testimonial.
According to Mr Khalid A. Abbas, the School Principal when confronted with a copy of the Testimonial, the signature it though, was a look- alike of his but wasn’t his, the man said. He picked some holes in the signature. Mr Abbas further pointed out that even as at the date Testimonial was purportedly signed and issued (May or thereabout of year 2107 ) he has not been posted to the school as principal. He said he was posted to school in August, 2017.
He also pointed out the alteration with pen on the year Testimonial was issued, 2017 was altered to 2016. He suspected this probably was done to erase suspicion that Testimonial was purposely obtained when the issue of his going to Senate came up.
Response to a formal enquiry made to the Jacksonville University in America also revealed that one Jackson Ademola Adeleke though, enrolled with the school in 1981 (probably after his WAEC here in Nigeria exploiting the opportunity of Awaiting Result he was offered admission. However and maybe because the result was bad he never started nor complete the program hence the institution’s reply of “No Degree Awarded” to enquiries made.
The University revealed further that he enrolled for study of a course known as Law Enforcement as his major course and Political science as his Minor Course of Study. Date of Attendance was put at 15/06/1981 to 17/02/ 86.
This has also become a source of worry to observers on how and where he got his Doctoral title which in this case was not honorary.
May the soul of Senator Isiaka Adeleke continue to rest in peace. As if the late senator knew he was going to die and his brother will take over after him he insisted the brother must have even if it is the littlest of result.
Necessary arrangement was made that Mr Ademola Jackson Adeleke too should sit for WAEC Examination but the cold hands death scuttled it hence the scandal that followed.
The one called Mr Machine, the invigilator, Principal and some others that included the senator were arrested last year and statements were made to the security agencies by the suspected persons. The case is still under police investigation and it is still being monitored by the ruling party for their necessary use against the PDP should they ever contemplate on the use of Senator Ademola as the party’s standard bearer in the forth coming gubernatorial election.

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Akoni Oodua Ayeniromo….the above being the true story as far as Senator Ademola Adeleke issues on certificate is concerned. The distinguished senator as we have here have evidence of School certificate though, may be woeful. The only three bad issues he may have to contend with and or maybe clear the air on are his claim to being a holder of Jacksonville University Degree (Doctorate Degree at that) the allegedly fake Testimonial and the Alajue Grammar School’s, WAEC saga.
All these may have formed negative impression in the minds of the people against his person and his party also the senate of the federal republic of Nigeria.
However, the Senator have denied all the stories. He insisted he has the necessary qualifications. But the people insist he can do more than this ordinary denial. They wanted him to publish it and or depose to an Affidavit in court to this effect in order to shut the mouth of his detractors.

Akoni Oodua Ayeniromo……it is hoped that by the above explanations detractors of this Distinguished Senator will stop troubling him over this matter.
Editor’s Note: Credit is given to Akoni Oodua Ayeniromo for his fact findings on this issue. © July 21, 2018

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