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OSUN 2018: Countdown to APC primaries, 3 days to go

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

OPINION: Shola Kudaisi

Your Excellency,

It has been a while that you have been in political consciousness and reckoning of this Nation that many are now taking undue advantage of your sagacity and strength of characters in politics to achieve their dubious intention.
Your activities during NADECO days and your period as Governor of Lagos State have proved you beyond reasonable doubt, as a man of conscience, who always stand for what is just and fair.

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God has used you tremendously to rescue people of Edo, Osun, Ondo, and Oyo from political robbers of PDP who stole peoples’ mandate with Impunity.
It is to God’s glory and your credit that you have recovered every stolen mandate and now all states in the South West and Edo belong to the progressive family.
Honestly, those singular efforts have put you in a special class of Politicians who will always fight for the emancipation of his people.
This perhaps, explains why you are surrounded by politicians of various shades and characters.
From the little or much I know about you, you cannot be the one to build a house and at the same time be the one to destroy it.
Unless you move decisively and wade into the looming political crisis about to explode in Osun state, some people of dubious political characters will soil the reputation that has been built over the years.
These people are now dropping your name in scuttling the existing political arrangement in the state to cause confusion in the polity.
They claimed that you are insisting that governorship must return to the Central as against West, whose turn it is to produce Governor for the state.
We all know that this cannot be true as past political events have separated you from boys who are only after bread and butter politics.

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They even claimed that you said that your financial investments in Osun politics have not been recouped and it will take a fellow from the Central to assist you in doing so, that is why you are insisting that your cousin, Gboyega Oyetola must be in the saddle.
Again, they even said that unless, the man from the central is positioned for the race, you will not put one kobo down to assist APC Osun in prosecuting the gubernatorial battle ahead of us.
Sir, I sincerely believe, these are all lies to achieve their selfish aim.
Kindly, invite sincere and truthful elders from Osun to brief you about the real political situation with a view to taking a decisive decision that will clear all the seeds of discord being planted in our midst.
No doubt, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has made the progressive proud in Osun through his strenuous efforts in providing infrastructural facilities, despite economic recession brought about by the maladministration of the then PDP led Federal government.
However, these achievements might not be enough to persuade our people to continue voting for us in the face of robbing Peters to pay Paul attitude of few of us.

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Under the present political dispensation, Central was in governorship saddle for eleven and half years while Ife/Ijesha, by this November would have been in charge for eight years, leaving only West with no year of service.
The proponents of Central are taking power to it again, to the detriment of West.
We are counting on your support to rectify this political injustice.

Shola Kudaisi © July 16, 2018

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